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by Dave Fultz Music

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released February 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Dave Fultz Music Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dave Fultz is a multi-instrumentalist from Halifax, NS. He has played with Liars on Fire, The Boarding Party, Second Band, The Well Fed Wolves, and has stood in with Jont & The Infinite Possibility and Ostrea Lake. He currently plays banjo, fiddle and guitar with The Barrowdowns. This is his first EP ... more

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Track Name: The Unexpectant Miner - In the Negative
I get stoned to change my mind
I get drunk to think I'm right
I don't believe in truth anymore
Now that I know the score

We're all in the negative
We're all going down
Might as well pack up all our beliefs
And stroll them into town

We'll all watch as the fires are lit
But no one will hear the scream
As the slate of our beliefs
Is wiped clean
Track Name: Dave Fultz - Noah Was a Lover
You can be great balls of fire,
I will be great balls of white
Snow and when we meet I'll just melt.
And we'll make a river of sin
With the water that still remains
In our blood and then we'll dance in the mud.
You with your rubber boots,
Me I'll go barefoot 'cause I'm no fool and
We'll both be prepared for the flood

'Cause you know it's coming and so do I
Noah was a lover, and that's no lie
He built his ark to save all living kind

You never know what can happen next
When you fall in love
The best you can do is never ask yourself
Is this ever enough

Now people sing songs to clear their minds
Of the clouds that make them blind
To the light at the end of the tunnel of love
And yes that light can blind you too
And make you forget exactly who
You are but don't be afraid, here I'll tell you why-
You're gonna change no matter what
It might as well be for love
A heavenly high that can lower you to your knees

Don't take my word for it, ask a friend
Noah was a lover I'll say it again -
He built his ark to save all living kind.

Now you might say I only sing this song
Because I've fallen in love
But I know nobody falls in love
You can only make love.

Yes you can only make love
So make love
Track Name: Meditations on a New Guitar
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